Mizuki Abe received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan, in 2021. He is currently a master’s student at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Graduate School, Tohoku University, and a graduate student researcher at Space Structures Laboratory. He joined a short-term research internship at Rice University, USA, in 2018. He has been engaging in collaborative research with Texas A&M University, the USA, since 2021. His research interest involves intelligent model-based control strategies for vibration control with a piezoelectric transducer, shape control with shape memory alloy actuated structures, and their aerospace applications. He is also working on the engineering project developing a simulator of the structure-attitude coupling of the flexible spacecraft.

Research interests

  • Predictive Semi-Active Vibration Control with Piezoelectric Transducers
  • Spacecraft Attitude-Structure Coupling Dynamics and its Control Strategy

GitHub Contributions